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Coach Daniel Seo


Daniel Seo is a running coach at GoGo Running. As a Guest Advocate at Big Peach Running Company Coach Daniel has had the privilege of working with all levels of runners and walkers on a daily basis.

In 2003, he began to run because he wanted to quit smoking and lose some weight. Weighing in at 200 pounds (at 5’6”) and smoking a pack a day Daniel knew that something had to change. Growing up he thought he was not athletic nor did he play sports. However, one day while at a friend’s apartment gym Daniel got on a treadmill and his life has never be the same! First it was only one mile per day, five days a week. By the 4th week, he had had quit smoking and gradually, as time moved on, he lost 60 pounds.

The next step for him was signing up for some races. Starting with a 5k, working and then working his way up to a 10K and then a half marathon. The biggest step for Daniel however was yet to come. Daniel set a goal to run his first full marathon, on the hardest course he could find, The Atlanta Marathon. He then planned to use this race to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. It was at this time that Daniel decided to hire a running coach and a nutritionist of his own.

In 2006, after training his butt off, he ran his first marathon with a time of 3:06:27 which qualified him for the Boston Marathon! Since then, he has run 13 other marathons, with 11 of those being Boston Qualifiers. Needless to say, in Coach Daniel’s words He has “fallen head over heels for running.”

Daniel never stops believing and dreaming.

Daniel's current PR's are:

Marathon: 2:42:50
Half Marathon: 1:17:09
15k: 57:48
10K: 35:44
5K: 16:57


“I still have a vision to one day run the Olympic Marathon and run into the Olympic Stadium. I will never stop believing and pushing myself and as a USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified Coach, I bring this same type of belief and determination when coaching my clients as well.

The pillars of my training and coaching can be summed up into two beliefs: Consistency and Smart Training. This way of training has allowed me to train for ten years injury free and with consistent improvement.

Whatever your training goals may be, whether it be a marathon, to lose weight, run your first 5K, or just feel better and reduce stress, I would love to help you achieve your goals and beyond.”


I had a bucket list item of running a Half-Marathon.  My experience with running was minimal (2-3 times week / 4 miles max each run).  I knew I wanted to be successful and I couldn’t do it on my own.  We have an amazing running club in my community.  Big Peach Suwanee hosts groups runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays; I’ve been running with them for years.  Daniel works at Big Peach Suwanee and I learned that he was a running coach.

“I signed up with Daniel and it’s been the best thing for my First Half Marathon journey.  I’ve heard horror stories from folks who wished they would have had a trainer for their first Half.  He took my age, sex, goals, past running experience, and health status to develop a plan for me.  He has been very in-tune with all of my runs; checks in on me regularly, advises me on nutrition, sleep, running techniques, Garmin watch technicalities, supplements, and overall wellness.  He’s a true educator and has a passion for sharing his knowledge.   Sometimes I needed “the gentle nudge” to move on… he did it and I conquered (because of him).  He reminded me that I have the knowledge and tools to make my training runs happen.  BTW, I’m uninjured and feel fantastic and energized.  Again, I couldn’t have done it without his guidance and coaching. 

Daniel has proven success!!!  His story is amazing and he continues to grow and improve himself all the time.  He has achieved so much.  I continue to be in awe.  If you have a bucket-list item you want to check off such as I did with running a first half-marathon, or if you want to achieve a PR on a race, I highly recommend Daniel!  He’ll make it happen with you!  You have nothing to lose!!”

-Cathy Woodling

“I started training with Mr. Seo July 10, 2019 and I was a casual runner with the Suwanee Big Peach Runners doing 3-4 miles every Tuesday and Thursday at the Suwanee Greenway.  I approached Daniel on/or about the first of July and inquired about a training schedule preparing me for my first half marathon. Up until this time the longest I had run was 10K and the best time was 1:29:25.  My best time for a 5k was 33:05.

Following Daniel’s guidance and training suggestions, I am now running 95 to 100 miles monthly, averaging 12:20:15 for distances of 6-10 miles per run.  By following his training schedule (which is designed to bring me up slowly to the half distance) I find that I can increase my running distance with relative ease.  I do not feel as tired at the end of anything over 6 miles like I used to.

I look forward to his guidance and assistance moving forward to my half marathon.”

-Scott Linson

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