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GoGoRunning Plans By Coach Jay


I am now offering with EVERY COACHING PLAN a FREE DVD. This DVD will guide you and answer all your questions about how to stretch, eat, warmup, workout, race, do workouts and more. Purchase the customized training plan and get the DVD for FREE!

Coach Jay Complete Training Plan

I am ready to be your personal coach and help to keep you on track. This plan has the added ability to have your plan changed weekly and even daily to match your progress. There is a 6 month minimum and you can cancel anytime after 6 months.

  • Get your workouts delivered daily through email

  • Use our online log to track your progress

  • Learn how to correctly add core training, stretching, etc

  • Unlimited emails and Phone calls with Coach Jay

  • Focus on covering these items:

  • Month 1/2: Goal Setting

  • Month 3/4: Training Plan design + proper w/up and c/dn routines

  • Month 5/6: Running Form

  • Month 7/8: Nutrition

  • Month 9/10: Mental + Spiritual approach

  • Month 11/12: Strength Training


Coach Jay Complete Training Plan

Questions? Contact me at

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Coach Jay also offers personalized coaching by the hour. During this coaching he will be available in person to review stretching, drills, and core from the online GoGo Tutorials.

Hours of Personal Coaching


“After years of using book based or online DIY training plans I decided it was time to make a change. So I signed up for the custom training plan with Jay for the 2017 NYC Marathon. Jay’s plan pushed me outside of where I thought I would be comfortable but I trusted his guidance and philosophy. It was always easy to get in touch with Jay for feedback either before or after a workout. One of the most helpful things was being able to talk to him after a tough day and being able to make a training plan modification on the spot if necessary. Over the course of 5 months of training I set PRs in the mile, 5k and half-marathon distances. I grew stronger and more confident in my running and knew that I was going crush New York in November. I was able to improve upon my NYC marathon time from 2016 by over 1.5 hours and set a marathon PR by 14 minutes finishing in 3:46:45. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t set a PR in New York. It’s not easy but with a great coach behind you anything is possible.”  - Leslie Dugger

“GoGoRunning has helped me to stay motivated with my training and racing. I trust his training and credit the well rounded components of the program for my success.”  - Justyna Mudy-Mayer

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